Introduction and details of firm.

• Matlala Von Metzinger Attorneys was established when Messrs Mphela and
Von Metzinger decided to join forces, and founded an office in Johannesburg
and Witbank.

• Andre Von Metzinger completed his candidates attorney period at a prominent
firm from Johannesburg namely Roode Van Der Merwe Du Toit. On passing of the
attorney admission exam he was appointed as a Professional assistant at the firm. He was
later promoted to Junior Partnership.

• Towards the end of 1994 he and two colleagues from Roode Van Der Merwe
Du Toit established their own partnership and last mentioned firm was later joined by
Mr. Mphela, initially as a professional assistant and later as partner.

• Mr. Mphela completed his articles with the Johannesburg firm Rossouws Attorneys.
He then joined PME Attorneys as a professional assistant and later as partner.

• During 1996 Messrs Mphela and Von Metzinger recognized the potential in the
Mpumulanga Province and on the 1st June 1997 the firm Mpela Von Metzinger opened
its doors in Witbank, in addition to its Johannesburg office. Our premises are situated at the
First Floor, Witbank News Building, 1 Lana Street, Witbank and Serengeti Estate, Baansyfer Street, Ruimsig in Roodepoort.

• Kgaloshi Matlala joined MVM Attorneys firm during June 1999. He completed his
candidate attorney ship with us and he was appointed as partner. Mr. Mphela
subsequently left the firm and the name of the firm was changed to Matlala Von Metzinger.

• Kgaloshi Matlala has completed his B.Proc degree as well as a higher diploma in Tax
Law. He was admitted as an attorney during February 2001, and as conveyancer
during 2008.

• Andre Von Metzinger has completed his B.Proc degree. He was admitted as an
attorney during August 1992.

• On 1 August 2004, Mr. J.C Orffer joined our team as consultant. Mr. Orffer served
as senior legal advisor with Eskom Holdings Limited regarding matters over full spectrum
over Eskom Holdings limited

Our Offices are currently situated at:

• Johannesburg
Serengeti Estate
Baansyfer Street

• Witbank
1st Floor Witbank News Building

Geographical Areas

MVM Attorneys are effectively able to perform Legal Services on a country wide bases,
and have indeed acted on behalf of Eskom Holdings Limited in various provinces in R.S.A


Fields of Practice.

MVM Attorneys take an interest in attending to the following fields of practice:

o Conveyancing, Notarisation & Property Law
o Criminal Law
o Constructional Law
o Debt Collection
o General Commercial Work
o General Litigation
o Mining and Mineral Law
o Municipal Law

1. Conveyancing, Notarisation & Property Law

• From it’s inception to the nature of the services performed by Matlala Von Metzinger
tended, to a large extend, to focus on conveyancing and other property related matters.
To properly attend to property transactions we have installed the latest computer
technology and software. We have a staff contingent, which are as commited as ourselves
to furnish our respective clients with only the highest degree of service.

• We have been appointed to serve on the panel of Attorneys for Eskom Holdings
Limited, previously, and we also currently serve on the panel of Eskom Holdings Limited,
and a number of it’s divisions such as Transmission, Distribution and Generation.
Instructions to attend to various property transactions are issued to ourselves by various
offices of Eskom Residential Property Services, and more specifically those situated at
Witbank, Kriel, Arnot, Hendrina, Volksrust, Standerton, Johannesburg etc. Regarding
instructions received from said respective offices we regularly attend to these offices and
at the various individual clients in order to address any problems, sign documents, to give
general advice etc.

• We also perform work on behalf of, and have been appointed to the panels of ABSA
FNB, Standard Bank, Nedcor Ltd, Nqaba Finance (Pty) Ltd, African Legal Networks (Pty) Ltd,
Real Net Holdings, Mpumalanga Housing Board, EFC (Pty) Ltd, Eskom Residential Properties.
In this regard we attend to Bond Registrations, Transfer of ownership, Bond Cancellations,
Foreclosures, Servitude Registrations etc. Regarding our duties on behalf of EFC (Pty) Ltd we
have consistently been rated amongst the top three firms on the said panel, specifically with
reference to turn around times, and service levels. We have also attended to property
transactions on behalf of various Estate Agencies. As far as our fee structure is concerned,
we levy the tariffs as prescribed by the Law Society of the Northern Provinces. We wish to
emphasize though that we consider every transaction on its merits, and our tariff structure
is an aspect which we regard as being negotiable.

• In addition to the above we render a unique service to our respective clients in that
we personally attend to the signing of the relevant documents at the work place of the
client, thus avoiding unnecessary absence of such employee from the work place, in return
resulting in increased productivity.

• At the Pretoria and Johannesburg Deeds Registry we attend to our lodgments
without the utilization of the services of a correspondent, which result in improved turn
around times and avoidance of unwanted delays.

• We believe in reporting to our clients on a comprehensive and accurate basis. To
this end we furnish our clients with weekly reports or if not, as required. The layout and
structure of the reporting is designed to cater for the needs of each respective client. This
is aimed at satisfying the requirements of each client in informing him/ her / it of current
progress on each transaction. To this end we have employed skilled and qualified personal.

• As part of the unique service that we render, we endeavor to attend at the work
place or residence of the client, in order to ensure accurate and speedy signing of

• Our ultimate aim is to inform and educate the client throughout the process in order
to make it as stress free as possible, and thus achieving the goal of rendering a professional

• Both Kgaloshi Matlala and Andre Von Metzinger currently attend to property
transactions. We also attend to the registration of various servitudes, notarial leases and

2. Criminal Law

• MVM Attorneys have attended to various criminal matters, and we have the relevant
and required infrastructure in order to successfully attend to matters of this nature. To this
end we have access to Counsel with the appropriate experience if required.

3. Construction Law

• Andre Von Metzinger did, during his involvement at a firm called Roode Van Der
Merwe Du Toit where he was previously employed, dealt to a very large extent with
matters regarding Construction Law. These include various arbitrations and High Court
actions involving clients such as LTA Construction Ltd, Steeledale Manufacturing Company
(Pty) Ltd, Construction Plant and Equipment (Pty) Ltd, Marble Lime (Pty) Ltd, etc.

4. Debt Collecting

• MVM Attorneys have successfully attended to various debt collecting matters on
behalf of various clients, including Eskom Holdings Limited. To this end we employ the
latest technology in order to render effective service.

5. General Commercial Work

• Kgaloshi Matlala and Andre Von Metzinger have performed general Commercial
Litigation, Both Magistrate’s and High Court, at the firms where their respective articles of
clerkship was served. The partners presently also attend to various Commercial litigation
matters. Mr Von Metzinger attended to various matters for clients such as LTA Construction
Ltd, Steeledale manufacturing company (Pty) Ltd, Construction Plant & Equipment (Pty)
Ltd, Marble Lime (Pty) Ltd, etc. The nature of these matters consisted mainly of contractually
based claims between various parties.

6. General Litigation

• Both partners of our firm have attended to general Litigation matters including
collections, foreclosures on property transactions, certain selected criminal matters, etc. We
have the latest computer software and technology in this regard to assist us in the
performance of our duties as per the instructions received from the client.

7 Mining and Mineral Law.

• Both Kgaloshi Matlala and Andre Von Metzinger have had extensive exposure to
particularly various aspects of Mineral law. Andre Von Metzinger attended to applications
for prospecting rights, mineral cession, mineral leases and prospecting agreements on
behalf of various clients.

8. Municipal Law

• We have dealt extensively with matters on behalf of Eskom Holdings Limited relating
to, particularly property rates legislation. Areas / Local Authorities that we dealt with are
Emalahleni (Witbank) regarding Duvha Power station, Kendal Power Station, Matla Power
Station, Kriel Power Station, Lekwa Local Municipality (Standerton) regarding Tutuka Power
station, Metsimaholo (Sasolburg) Municipality regarding Lethabo Poer Station, Lephalale
Municipality regarding Matimba Poer Station, Cape Town Municipality regarding Koeberg
nuclear Power Station. To this end we attended to consultations with representatives of
the various Local Authorities, consultations with Counsel and the relevant hearings which


• As regards the performance of the various spheres of litigation orientated matters
we have the latest computer technology to produce the required notices, pleading and
documents to conduct any particular matter.

• Regarding our conveyancing practice we have installed the latest computer
technology and software. We have entered into an agreement with Korbitec Solutions
whereby we have all the latest conveyancing and report back Software available. In terms
of said agreement we are also provided with the latest updates on said programming as
and when it becomes available.

• Currently both Kgaloshi Matlala and Andre Von Metzinger attend to property related
instructions. In addition the litigation instructions are allocated in terms of work flow and
geographical area.

• We were fortunate in that we have attended to a number of ground breaking
matters on behalf of Eskom Holdings Limited, particularly in the fields of property rates,
property related disputes, servitudes etc. To this end we mainly utilized the services of Adv.
G.L. Grobler SC, Adv. E. Mokutu and Adv. S.J. Grobler SC.

• In View of the fact that we have offices in both Johannesburg and Witbank, we are
in a position to attend to matters on behalf of Eskom Holdings Limited over a geographical
area which covers a large percentage of the activities of Eskom Holdings Limited. The
position of our offices enables us to render the required standard of services as efficient
as possible.

Co- Operation with other firms.

• Our involvement with other firms of attorneys is based purely along professional
guidelines for example, in the majority of property transactions that we attend to, there are
different firms that were instructed to attend to a certain other portions of a given
transaction i.e. we may attend to bond registration while another firm was instructed to
attend to the transfer and bond cancellation regarding the same property. In such
instances we have to coordinate lodgment of the full set of documents in order to avoid
rejection of the transaction by the Deeds Office.

• In the event of the necessity that we must procure the service of any firm, we shall
endeavor to procure the services of any firm which conforms to the standard as
established to qualify as a BBBEE. This fact is also clearly demonstrated in that we have
procured the services of a firm like Moosa Wagley and Partners in Cape Town.

Details of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.

• Matlala Von Metzinger is committed to broad based Black Economic Empowerment
and the concept of providing equal opportunities with particular reference to disadvantage
communities. Our commitment to the above is already demonstrated by the composition
of our firm structure and this is emphasized by the fact that we are recognized by Eskom
Finance Company (Pty) Ltd, ABSA, Standard Bank, Nedcor, Eskom Holdings Limited, etc as
fully integrated firm of attorneys.

• Our commitment is further demonstrated by the fact that Mr. Matlala served his
candidate Attorney ship with us, which he successfully completed he immediately took
up a position as partner of MVM Attorneys.

• We are constantly looking for great opportunities to enhance the profile of our
profession and firm, by looking for suitable candidates. Our commitment is demonstrated
bu the fact that Kgaloshi Matlala served his candidate Attorneyship with us, which he
successfully completed. After completion he immediately took up a position as partner of
MVM Attorneys. We have also been rated as a level 4 business by BEE Ratings SA.

Conflicts of Interest

• Our policy in this regard is in line with the guidelines as set out by the Attorneys
Act and the Law Society of the Northern Provinces.

Billing structure and format

Matlala Von Metzinger Attorneys agree that any billing structure and format will be in
accordance with the guidelines as set out by the Law Society of the Northern Province.

Containing / Limiting of Legal Costs

• It is imperative to limit legal costs as much as possible. Amongs others, the following
steps can be implemented.

o Before issuing Summons or defending an action the parties can communicate with
each other by correspondence with each other or by means of a conference. By taking
these steps the pitfall of becoming involved in a protracted legal contest is avoided.

o Once Summons has been issued or an action defended or any other formal step is
taken to initiate a litigation process, the parties can also agree to get together at any stage
(if so instructed by their respective clients) in order to attempt to settle the dispute as soon
as possible, and thus avoiding unnecessary time spend on that particular matter thus
containing costs.

o By rendering, at all times, only the highest standard of service to Eskom Holdings
Limited and by efficient time management and by utilization of proper resources, costs as
regards as particular matter can be contained to a large extend.

Assistance to Eskom Holdings Limited

• We are committed to contribute towards the continuous improvement of the
working relationship of MVM Attorneys and Eskom Holdings Limited, to this end we will
contribute as follows:

o Training of personnel would be affected by offering seminars and lectures with the
emphasis on all spheres of legal works that they would be involved in i.e. company law,
labour law, etc.

o Matlala Von Metzinger will be willing to place certain of the legal personnel of
Eskom Holdings Limited for the purpose of training such individuals in particular spheres
of work. It is important however to refine such and arrangement with particular reference
to period training, remuneration etc.

o We are prepared to contribute to various newsletters and legal updates which are
relevant to our sphere of legal activities as stipulated above.

o In the event of a request directed to ourselves by Eskom as regards lectures and
seminars on any particular topic within our sphere of activity we shall be willing to attend
same and contribute.


• In considering the facts as set out it is clear that MVM Attorneys have the experience
and knowledge to attend to a wide spectrum of matters, with particular reference to
property related matters.

• We pledge our dedication as regards rendering the highest level of service to our
client, based on professional values. We are committed to adhere to this standard over
the full compliment of services we render. It has always been our policy that the client’s
interest is our priority at all times.